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At Spire Collective, we strive to set ourselves apart from other retailers and manufacturers by providing unmatched value to our customers and dedicating ourselves to customer satisfaction. This begins with our goal of manufacturing and making available the largest selection of high-quality products around. It also includes helping our customers make informed purchases by providing detailed, individualized product descriptions highlighting the best features, and any potential drawbacks, of each product based on thorough testing by our experienced team. And once you make that purchase, our customer service specialists take over and manage your order from fulfillment to doorstep. That's the value and satisfaction you know you will receive by choosing to shop with us.

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StoreYourBoard.com, our first e-commerce venture, manufactures and retails storage, display, and travel racks for however you shred. Whether you skateboard, surf, snowboard, ski, wakeboard, kayak, or bike (or more!), we've got the racks you need to keep your prized boards and other gear organized, safe, and proudly displayed wherever and however you choose to store them!

Meet the Spire Collective Crew

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Josh is our president & founder. He is an ambitious entrepreneur always looking to push the envelope to innovate and improve. He is an interesting mix of drive, passion, engineering, tech nerd, board sport enthusiast, and crazy that all comes together to make things work and get sh*t done. He is a voracious learner, both from books and other people, always seeking to increase his knowledge base. He never hesitates to challenge the norm and create new and better paths. When he is not in the office he is out wakeboarding, skiing, cycling, or hiking. He is always looking for his next adventure.

"What inSpires me? Living life to its fullest - traveling & exploring the world."

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Andrew calls himself the senior vice president. Most of the time, that entails meeting people and making connections to expand Spire’s presence throughout the physical and e-commerce universe. Other times, he serves as editor and manager of Spire’s content. All the time, Andrew values the team vibe at Spire and the freedom it allows him for outdoor pursuits, especially his favorite pastime, surfing. Andrew’s dream trip is to travel to Tavarua to ride the perfect left hand wave, Restaurants.

"What inSpires me? Living to take advantage of every sunrise, in a non-zero sum type of way."

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Mike is our tech guru. He loves technology and he loves pizza. If you're looking for the best places to grab a slice in New York City, talk to Mike. Mike is also an entreprenuer and a drummer. He used to tour up and down the east coast with his band Ten Feet Deep. Mike is passionate about finding creative solutions to problems. Luckily, Spire is full of unique and interesting challenges.

"What inSpires me? Learning new things."



Ashley takes care of order fulfillment for Spire and provide supplemental assistance to Carli in customer service. When she's not shipping orders for Spire, her free time is usually split between cooking up new recipes in the kitchen and working on one of her many "in-progress" acrylic paintings. She often indulges in TED talk marathons, first person shooter games, and stir fried noodles. She's very excited to be the newest addition to the Spire team and is happy to process your orders!

"What inSpires me? Learning new things, always aspiring to be better than you are, and sharing your passion for the world with people you love."

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Carli is our customer service lead. She likes figuring out how things work, and yes, will take something apart to find answers! She is a former fencer, so she was trained to think quickly on her feet, a trait that still comes in handy. If a customer has a special situation or question they need help with, she is happy to locate the right solution!

"What inSpires me? Big nature (rivers, woods, mountains, oceans) and living creatively."

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